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We Are One

We Are One: Stories of Work, Life And Love, edited by Elizabeth Gottlieb with a foreword by actor/activist Danny Glover, explores the lives of American workers from coast to coast, from all walks of life,
in words and self-portrait photography. The collection reflects workplaces, life events and ideas about success, but most importantly, it promotes the fundamental idea that everyone deserves to feel like their voice matters.

From an interview of a young autoworker from the Midwest in We Are One….

I wish I had a voice. One of my dreams is I wish I had a big enough voice. Like a platform so I could say everything that I want to say and I could get a lot of people’s attention. I don’t have that so, that’s why
my involvement with the union is really big. It’s really something for me to express how I feel.

from Richard L. Trumka, President, AFL-CIO

We Are One: Stories of Work, Life, and Love, takes us into workers' lives, where we see the joys and challenges that shape who we are. Most of all, we see the dignity of work and the pride in a job well
done that shine in everyone, from a professional athlete to a doorman, a filmmaker to a cookie-packer.
We also see the difference a union makes in the lives of working families. What speaks loudest to me in We Are One is the workers' definition of success. It's not riches. It's not fame. It comes down to happiness, health, family and security."

You See I Am


​You See I Am provides a platform for people wanting to challenge stereotypes and labels, inviting people to see beyond protective assumptions and fears. The project promotes the first person stories of people through images and words, historically via photography classes, social media, print poster campaigns, and exhibits, and now in book form with a collection of first person essays, interviews, photographs, and mixed media.

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